Easily manage the sponsorship of your project

We believe in the power of open source. Projects developed with the intent of sharing have a huge impact on the world.

We believe in sponsorship over advertising. We believe that projects sometimes need sponsors to keep their momentum, but that doesn’t mean that users or project maintainers have to resort to the shady tactics of harvesting and selling of personal data.

We believe sponsorship is a good-faith effort. A company trades a financial sum in return for exposure to the user base. Sharing high level information with sponsors helps them justify their sponsorship.

Metrics such as:
unique viewsviews per unique visitorclicks on sponsorship linkcountry of origincan all be provided without the use of invasive user tracking methods.

SponsorMill is a tool designed to make sponsorship serving easy with built in, privacy-friendly metrics reporting.

Do you have Sponsors?

SponsorMill is currently in private beta.
To find out more, or to save your place on the waiting list, please fill out the form with your name, email, and details about your project. We'll be selecting the next beta testers from this list.

Easily manage project sponsorship.

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